ECC and HSSM Team Up for Third Annual College Expeditionary Day

ECC and HSSM Team Up for Third Annual College Expeditionary Day

Brooklyn, N.Y. - Representatives from eight of the East Coast Conference's member institutions made their way to the High School of Sport Management in Coney Island on Friday, March 18 as part of a successful, Third annual ECC College Expeditionary Day. 

Enrollment staff as well as faculty and members of athletic departments from the University of Bridgeport, Daemen College, LIU Post, Mercy College, Molloy College, NYIT, Queens College and St. Thomas Aquinas College spent time networking with more than 75 HSSM students ranging from freshmen to seniors. 

The day began with some introductory remarks by ECC Commissioner, Dr. Robert Dranoff, and then a welcome and panel discussion led by Principal, Derek Cradle, featuring administrators and instructors from the ECC institutions. Next, students moved from table to table for a chance to learn about each institution and what they had to offer students in terms of academics, financial aid, etc.

"We had a wonderful turnout of ECC representatives and HSSM students," stated Dranoff. "Working with Mr. Cradle and Community Liaison, Reverend Branch, the ECC has built a valuable relationship between the conference, its members and the high school that provides these young men and women the chance to learn, grow and really explore the academic opportunities at our ECC institutions."

Noted Principal Cradle, “I think it is totally amazing when students and higher education folks mix and mingle. The ECC schools talked to my students with respect and dignity. Each year students leave the college expeditionary day enlightened and charged with purpose. As we look towards the future, The HSSM/ECC College Expeditionary Day has become a staple event."

"No other institutions of learning, higher or lower, have appreciably affected the life of our school as the East Coast Conference led by Commissioner Bob Dranoff," commented Reverend Branch. "The annual College Expeditionary Day event has created educational and life experiences for students that they neither foresaw nor chose."

"We hope that this effort will lead to more HSSM students choosing to pursue their college education at our member schools, whether they are studying sport management or a different major," noted Dranoff. "But wherever they do attend, we are pleased to have the opportunity to help the students explore and know more about the value a college education brings."