Adelphi Claims Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Titles

Adelphi Claims Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Titles

Men's Official Results

Women's Official Results

Kings Park, NY- The Adelphi University Panthers claimed both the Men's and Women's Cross Country titles at the 2008 East Coast Conference Cross Country Championships held at Sunken Meadow State Park on Saturday, October 25.  Amos Kipkosegei was named Men's Runner of the Year leading the men with a time of 26:47.63in the 8K and Ify Anene garnered Women's Runner of the Year honors as she crossed first for the women with a time of 19.32.88 (5K).

The Panthers captured the team title with 30 total points.  Angel Ortega was the first to cross the finish line for Adelphi with a time of 27:30.  Ryan Pezzula (27:30.75) and Adam Clark (28:32. 07) finished second and third for the Panthers, taking fourth and fifth overall.  Tom Eickelberg and Aaron Warner rounded out Adelphi's top five with times 28:36.58 and 29:03.97 respectively.

Although NYIT crossed the top two men's runners with Kipkosegei and Nicholas Kioyet running arm and arm and finishing just two tenths of a second apart, they would take a second place finish with total of 48 points. 

Adelphi's women's team totaled 20 points with their top five runners finishing in the top seven.  Anene led the charge followed by Kristen Wojtuniak (20:17.82) who claimed a third place finish and Danielle Matteo (20:31.94) who captured fourth overall.  Catherine Conners was fourth for the Panthers and fifth overall with a time of 20:55.57 while Jenilee Fuertes (21:39.01) rounded out Adelphi's top five.

The C.W. Post Pioneers came in second overall with 81 points.  Nicole Wissler was the first to cross the finish line for the Pioneers with a time of 21:06.14 to take a 6th place individual finish.

NYIT's Jackline Toek garnered Rookie of the Year honors as she came in second overall and first for the Bears with a time of 19:52.05.

Men's Team Results
Team                     Points
1. Adelphi              30
2. NYIT                 48
3. STAC                 84
4. Dowling             86
5. Molloy               123
6. Mercy                149
7. Queens              186
8. Bridgeport         237

Women's Team Results
Team                     Points
1.  Adelphi             20
2. C.W. Post          81
3. Dowling             84
4. NYIT                 116
5. Molloy               136
6. Bridgeport         145
7. Queens              166
8. Concordia         194

Men's First Team All-Conference
Name (time)
Amos Kipkosgei - NYIT (26:47.63)
Nicholas Koiyet - NYIT (26:47.65)
Angel Ortego - Adelphi (27:30.00)
Ryan Pezzulo - Adelphi (28:30.75
Adam Clark - Adelphi (28:32.07)
Jonathan Cuomo - Dowling (28:34.85)
Tom Eickelberg - Adelphi (28:36.58)

Men's Second Team All-Conference
Name (time)
Dan Gargaro - Dowling (28:43.16)
Christopher Banton - NYIT (28:52.95)
Elmer Eckert - STAC (28:56.48)
Aaron Warner - Adelphi (29:03.97)
Peter Yarema - Mercy(29:04.32)
Kadian Turner - NYIT (29:07.90)
Rafael Ortiz - STAC (29:09.73)

Player of the Year: Amos Kipkosgei, NYIT
Rookie of the Year: Nicholas Koiyet, NYIT
Coach of the Year: Adam Siepiola, Adelphi

Women's First Team All-Conference
Name (time)
Ify Anene - Adelphi (19:32.88)
Jackline Toek - NYIT (19:52.05)
Kristen Wojtuniak - Adelphi (20:17.82)
Danielle Matteo - Adelphi (20:31.94)
Catherine Conners - Adelphi (20:55.57)
Nicole Wissler - C.W. Post (21:06.14)
Jenilee Fuertes - Adelphi (21:39.01)

Women's Second Team All-Conference
Name (time)
Kristen Meyer - Adelphi (21:57.43)
Danielle Lyons - Adelphi (21:57.43)
Lisa Page - Dowling (22:06.33)
Indira Avila - Queens (22:09.51)
Kristen Sweeney - C.W. Post (22:13.90)
Alexandra Barrett - Molloy (22:16.49)
Stephanie Igenito - Dowling (22:18.35)

Player of the Year: Ify Anene
Rookie of the Year: Jackline Toek
Coach of the Year: Adam Siepiola, Adelphi